Transit Signal Priority Expansion

In 2014, RIPTA launched the R-Line, connecting South Providence and Downtown Pawtucket with buses coming by every 10 minutes. To help reduce passenger travel times, transit signal priority (TSP) using infrared technology was installed at 59 intersections along the length of the route, giving buses the ability to request longer green lights or shortened red lights. This technology has dramatically improved and we are now upgrading the existing system along the route to the latest in GPS-based solutions.

In addition, we will be doubling the number of TSP-enabled intersections by introducing the GPS system to six new corridors:

  • Broadway/Hartford Avenue (Routes 27 & 28)
  • Eddy Street (Route 1)
  • Elmwood Avenue (Route 20)
  • Chalkstone/Cranston Streets (Routes 31 & 56)
  • East Main Road (Route 60)
  • West Main Road (Route 60)

The TSP expansion project is being undertaken with support from RIDOT, the City of Providence, and the City of Pawtucket.

To utilize the new GPS-based signal priority system, RIPTA will retrofit its bus fleet with the relevant hardware.

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