RIPTA’s grant-funded Vet Pass pilot program, which offered a limited number of participants free travel, is scheduled to end on February 1, 2020. Military veterans are now encouraged to contact the Rhode Island Office of Veterans Services (RIVETS) for alternative transportation options. Visit the RIServes website at and complete the request assistance form, or contact RIVETS at (401) 921-2175 with any questions.

Some veterans may also qualify for other RIPTA programs.

RIPTA offers a reduced fare bus pass program for low-income seniors (age 65 or over) and low-income persons with disabilities. Qualifying participants in this no fare program are issued a “Valid All Day” photo identification card that they use to board the bus. To apply for this program or learn more about it, please see CLICK HERE.

RIPTA also complies with federal transit guidelines and offers half-fare boarding to seniors and persons with disabilities, regardless of income, during OFF PEAK hours. Passengers enrolled in this program are issued “Valid Off Peak” photo identification cards. These passengers pay full fare during RIPTA peak service hours (7am-9am and 3pm-6pm) on weekdays. They can also use a Medicare Card to board. If they would like to obtain a RIPTA Photo ID card for this discount, they can present proof of age at either one of RIPTA’s Photo Identification Offices.  The locations and hours are:

Kennedy Plaza (Providence)Monday & Wednesday9am – 12:00pm & 1pm -4 pm
705 Elmwood Avenue (Providence)Tuesday & Thursday9am – 12:00pm & 1pm – 4pm

The passes issued for these programs are valid for two years and there is a $10 processing fee per issuance.  They are not transferable and will be confiscated if used by another individual that is not the person pictured on the pass. There is also a fee to replace cards that are lost or stolen.

Special Promotions

RIPTA periodically offers special promotions to military veterans. To learn more, sign up for RIPTA’s e-newsletter, and follow RIPTA on social media. For more information on veterans’ services in Rhode Island, please visit:

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