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Wave Pilot

Welcome to Wave – RIPTA’snew smart fare collection system!

We are currently looking for pilot testers to test the new Wave smart card or the new Wave mobile app.  Pilot testers be required to load value onto their Wave smart card or Wave mobile app using a credit/debit card online or cash.  They will also be required to provide feedback and report any issues using Wave. Feedback received during pilot testing is critical to a successful launch.

The Wave smart card is a permanent, rechargeable card used to pay your bus fare that you can easily manage online. It is plastic and embedded with a special computer chip that keeps track of the value of the card.

The Wave mobile app lets you quickly buy bus fares on your phone.  When ready to board the bus, open the app, and scan it under the validator.

What are the benefits of Wave?

  • Pay only $2 for ONE HOUR of unlimited rides!
  • Earn As You Go – You no longer have to purchase a Day Pass or Monthly Pass upfront. Each ride gets you closer to earning a Day or Monthly Pass.
  • Set up Auto Reload option. This feature allows you to set up Stored Value or pass products to automatically reload to your Wave when your Stored Value runs low. You choose how much Stored Value or which pass product you want to set up to Auto Reload.
  • You never have to remember exact change. The fare amount is deducted from the stored value every time you ride.
  • Secure ticket purchasing with your credit or debit card.
  • Never lose your fare! Account balance and passes can be easily transferred if your registered Wave smart card or your phone is lost or stolen.
  • More durable than traditional paper passes.
  • Board the bus faster.


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